Friday, February 17, 2012

Not only was it the PERFECT weather for boots... ( Rainy, As if you can possibly tell ) But it was also warm enough to wear my vintage Biker-T I bought from the thrift store a few days before.

I thought it would be perfect to go with an all black on black look.. ( My favorite color scheme ) How funny, It looked great! I've never been much of the type to tuck my shirt in, But i thought it looked stellar! And i love the rip in these tights, It adds the perfect little piece of originality to the outfit all together.

I got my tights from Forever 21!

Much love! VAGOS VAGOS

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Something about this look is so magical to me, I can't really figure out why.

But the clothing is simple! I bought these Doc Martens a while back, I love them, They give me a couple inches to might height... Which makes a difference because I'm very short.. I'm also wearing this Brass Buttoned Jumper that I got from Urban Outfitters on sale a while back. It's so comfortable. I also paired it with the cosmic leggings I bought, Which are just a simple shade of purple but they seem to glow when you wear them!

And my vintage fedora, Which shows up a lot in my photoshoots.. It's a favorite of course.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You know how some days you're just really inspired by something you've seen on internet that's a really good photo and you feel like being original yourself? I thought this tractor would be an amazing piece to add to my collection of photoshoots.

What I love about this outfit is it's EXTREMELY simple! I bought the scarf from Forever21, And I thrifted the jacket, And altered it with pegs to pull it together. The jeans are from Pacific Sunwear, And I ordered the shoes off-line! The top underneath my jacket ( which isn't very noticeable ) is a simple knit top from Gap that I got when I was very young. ( Probably around middle school (( I don't really grow much )) )

I used my tripod to take this photo myself, And my handy-dandy remote control.

Stick around for more! ELEANOR ELEANOR

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hi Everyone!! I've been incredibly busy the past few months.. Not only busy with work, But prepping for college, Trying to finish up my senior year of high school, Work, Friends, And being all around busy and not keeping up with my photography blog. But now I'm back! I'd love to hear your thoughts about my new posts, And keep updated with me on my Lookbook, Whatiwear, And blogging accounts!

This post was taken across the street from my new house, The woods are absolutely beautiful, And what i love about this look is the fact that it's an everyday outfit I would wear, It's simple, And stylish! THEY ALL DIE AFTER THEY FUCK THEY ALL DIE AFTER THEY FUCK

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I will be returning sometime soon to update my photo blog with new posts!